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Meteorite or meteor-wrong? The correct answer can be difficult for the inexperienced and at times for the experienced.(e.g. the photos to the left of reported 'meteorites' are actually meteor-wrongs - click on photo for article)

A meteorite testing institution reported that on average out of a thousand suspect meteorites submitted only one will pass verification.

The purpose of this site is to help the visitor better understand elementary identification of the most common meteorites and to gain insight from the misidentifications of others. Enjoy :)


meteorwrongs and the Press

"Teenager hit by 30,000 mph meteorite" reports the headlines. 'Copy and paste journalism' has been exemplified by the waves of news outlets repeating aspects of Essen Germany's young Gerrit Blank's dramatic claim of barely escaping death from a fiery space bullet. The medias are eager to reprint this story but strangely unable to question its validity...


new to meteorites?

Meteorite collecting is a great
hobby! As you may have discovered, eBay is an amazing place to buy meteorites. More meteorites are safely bought and sold here than anywhere else in the world!

The meteorite hobby is growing exponentially with new collectors craving information and specimens...


expert id?

Meteorite identification is tough enough for the inexperienced. Too often a suspect meteorite is taken to a well meaning authority figure such as a geologist or science teacher who has only read enough on the subject to convince himself to speak as an authority.

Geologists are trained to recognize earth rocks and unless they have special training or experience with meteorites they fare no better than the average Joe when it comes to meteorite ID. In these cases, no opinion is better than a misidentification because the rock's owner will proceed accordingly. Decide for yourself if the following is such an example:

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