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Listed in category: Collectibles>Rocks, Fossils, Minerals>Meteorites, Tektites
* Controversial Newly Found Nevada Metallic Mass 57Lbs
* New MASSIVE Iron Strewnfield Found or Massive Hoax?
Item number: 2255992757
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Bidding has ended for this item.(nickelironmonkey is the winner)
Winning bid: US $1,250.00
Ended: Jul-15-04 18:09:58 PDT
Start time: Jul-08-0418:09:58 PDT
History: 1 bid (US $1,250.00 starting bid)
Winning bidder: nickelironmonkey( 111Feedback score is 100 to 499)about me
Item location: Near the CRATERS, Ontario
Ships to: Worldwide
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pelted-planet( 198Feedback score is 100 to 499)
Feedback Score: 198
Positive Feedback: 99.0%
Member since Oct-11-99 in Canada
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Description (revised)

Welcome to Pelted-Planet Blast-Out Thursday

Pleasant greetings from PELTED-PLANET and thanks for attending our auction sale...Allow me to introduce our selves to you.

*ABOUT US..... We at PELTED-PLANET are Nick and Robert. NICK'srole in the day-to-day operation of"the planet" involves photographing ourall-you-can-eat buffet of tasty & tempting ebay-delights. He is also in effect the SALES MANAGER, WEB MASTER and Shipper Receiver. Additionally, his involvement includes dealing with the "daily planet" ebay end of things and fielding email questionsregarding for example, shipping prices... Technical type questions are forwarded to me and in most cases one of us will respond in a timely fashion.

As for me, ROBERT, you could say Iprovide "INTERESTING THINGS" impact-related and otherwisefrom my personal collection and elsewhereto established & prospective customers world-wide.Long story short, Nick is the COMPUTER GUY, I'M the ROCK GUY and as a team wemake every effortto ensure that your visit toPELTED-PLANETis as PLEASANT & ENJOYABLE as you the prospective purchaser of this offering desereve it to be.

Some of you folks know me as "The THIRD MILLENNIUM METEORITE CALENDAR Guy" because I AUTHORED and produced those practical yet educational collector's items. Others know me as the number-one-source out-there for METEORITE CRATER IMPACTITES from Sudbury, Wanapitei, Brent, Azuara and a variety of other impact-structures world-wide.

I have written published articles on meteorites and the craters they leave as eternal monuments to an Asteroid's collision with our pelted-planet andhave been interviewed on many occasions in print media such as the Sudbury Star (front page) and The NATIONAL POST. I have also appeared on TV locally (several times) and Nation-Wide (once) discussing and promoting meteorites and to a fair degree educating the general public on the topic in the process.

I am also aPROUD non-member of IMCA... No time for two faced, double-crossing, back-stabbing, slander-slingingso-called "organizations"for me.What about you?

Iwrite "ALL of the DESCRIPTIONS"that accompany and compliment our photos & listings andincase you've not yet noticed, these are not short two-sentence-blurbs. IT IS IMPORTANT to properly "describe" one's waresand I gothe distance in ensuring that no one gets shortchanged on the descriptions... or anything else.I HONESTLYappreciate and am proud ofthe many rave-reviews and fantastic comments MY DESCRIPTIONS have garnered over the past several years... keep'em coming!

Last but not least - I am the over-seer. It is MY reputation as a FAIR,HONEST, REASONABLE and KNOWLEDGEABLE Person-with-Principalon-the-line here folks. And you can bet-the-farm thatWE at PELTED-PLANET will continue to ensure that all of our transactions are as silky-smooth and hassle-free as humanly possible - or better!


Now to the auction at hand... Here for your biddingpleasure we have anattractive, intriguing,newly foundU.S. IRONfrom the deserts of Northern Nevada. This item isarguably one of the most controversial objects on the PLANET right now, thanks in large part to the friendly folks at IMCA and the meteorite-list. Keep up the good-work!

All the discussion and debate I invited has made the hit-counter on this auction spin like a top. More than 500 and counting with 24 hours to go!

The offered sample is oneof several hundredmetal masses foundin a remote desert area by a prospector who was originally out there hunting for gold. What he found could very well be just as good!

At present, I hesitate todisclose a more pin-point location for where these"Mysterious Objects"are being found becausethe finder is still locating more material on a weekly basis and according to this gold hunter turned meteorite hunter "thereare TONS of METEORITES remaining in the strewnfield just waiting to be gathered."

Toseasoned meteorite collectors, theexternal features of this complete uncut specimen may evoke instant images, memories of, or similarities to desert meteorites, the melted crusty surface of an Estherville or Portales Valley Meteorite or a combination there of.

NOTE: This material is not photogenic...the photos do it some justice but not a lot. It is Not a rusterand YES, a magnet, even a weak one, SNAPS RIGHT TO IT!

ALSO NOTE: This ITEM will NOT repeat NOT be Relisted on ebay or elsewhere IF, and that's a big IF, this offering ends without a bid, on this, the very first and potentially only listing by PELTED-PLANETof this rather controversial Nevada Desert Iron.

Ihave a local collector wanting to purchase it for a price that I am now cheerfully willing to accept in the unlikely eventthat no one on ebay would place an offer on this enigmatic metallic mass. Put it this way, this particular repeat purchaser is crossing his fingers in hopes that you won't bid. Your loss, his gain, is the way he's regarding the final12 hours of this auction sale.

* Since listing this item6 daysago I have been deluged with emails and received several phone calls. Some say it's hematite. A magnet WON'Tstick to Hematite, not like it sticks to this stuff.One person tells me that an expert says it's slag... TWO EXPERTS TELL ME IT IS NOT SLAG... You don't need to be a rocket scientist to tell the difference betweeen SLAG and something else.

Another expert says "well then it MUST BE MAGNETITE." Matteo in ITALY just says it's not a meteorite but doesn't bother takingakick at the can as to his guess regarding what it IS. Just out to slag my listing I guess...

Then one guy accuses me of selling a TRANSPORTED CLEANED-UP NANTAN which is a meteorite, but making up the part about it being found in NEVADA.

There were also people wanting to buy smaller specimens...Hmmm SEVERAL experts SEVERAL DIFFERENT Verdicts... NOW WHAT???

What ever happened to people valuing their OWN OPINIONS. It seems more people are concerned about what somebody else thinks about what they may or may not be interested in purchasing.

HERE'S A NOVEL IDEA... judge for yourself...YOU decide what it is or isn't. I can say one thing for sure, it certainly is CONTROVERSIAL

This entire scenario reminds me of a gentleman who listed a "newly fallen" meteorite on ebay... Thewhole "list" was slagging the seller... except for one guy who PHONED the seller, visited the sellerand then came home with an awesome fist-size chunk of PARK FOREST for next to nothing!!!!!

* JULY15th UPDATE... Since the initial discovery ~ten months ago of what now appears to be a rather extensive strewnfield, more than5 TONS of this material has been recovered to date. The strewnfield was apparentlyfirst locatedusinghi-tech, state-of-the-art detection equipment set to a specific frequency used tosearch-out nickel.

Theoriginal meteorite, a hefty 90% buriedbrute weighing several hundred pounds,was first detected by this equipment from a mind boggling distance of more than 3 miles!

Ihavenow had more than 500 pounds of absolutely breathtaking specimens sent to me by the finder - who wishes to remain anonymous. Everthing that has arrived here so farcertainly seems to be METEORITIC MATERIAL.It also passes the streak-test with flying colors...

I have already sold more than 100 pounds in total to4 LOCAL METEORITE COLLECTORSand not only are they thrilled with the material, they too have no doubts about its authenticity as a genuine IRON meteorite.

THE OFFERED SPECIMEN is smooth on one side and covered with flight-markings on the other.

This listing will undoubtedly generate discussion and debate amongst collectors and researchers alike on the meteorite-list and elsewhere, and that's a good thing!

NOTE: The first photo is an extra little treat for you the viewer, of THREEADDITIONAL MUSEUM QUALITY NEVADA IRON METEORITES in my personal collection, till next week when they go on ebay.

*Note the specimen in the left side of the grouping. It displays obvious flight-markings, some small text-book thumbprints and dare Isay, ORIENTATIONof the specimen caused by a knuckle-ball type of hypervelocity-atmospheric passage as opposed to a rolling or tumbling plummet toward its imminent crash-landing-style arrival here on Earth.

Further information regarding this material is available by phone...

Anyone concerned about the cost of a two or three dollar phone call should not, repeat NOT be bidding on this1,250.00 item.

Phone calls 100% WELCOMED. Robert A. Szep 1-519-823-1891.

*** As a final note... With48 hours remaining in this auction Idecided to lower the opening bid price to $2,500.00 With 24 hours remaining I lowered it one more time to $1,250.00


At this NEW LOW OPENING BID PRICE of LESS THAN5 CENTS PER GRAM, you are bidding on an As is, As found, Whatever it is ITEM.

Have a BLAST Bidding!

PELTED-PLANET, over & out...

Pelted-Planet has many exciting offerings for you to check out so take a moment to view our other auctions.

At Pelted-Planet we cheerfully combine wins to save you money on shipping.

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