Reed Laboratories Responds to Meteorite Claims

The following text is reprinted excerpts from this document photo:
    Reed Laboratories
3355 Lincoln St.
Carlsbad, CA. 92008

March 24, 2009.

Notice to Cease Internet Publication of Assay Reports

To: Robert Ryder / Mojave Desert Fall Meteorites

Please be advised that I received a telephone complaint from one of your customers who alleged that you are claiming on eBay that our reports confirm your material to be of meteorite origin.

I recall that I had specifically told you before your first order that our reports do not confirm meteorite material in any respect. Meteorites must be tested by other processes for confirmation and our lab tests for major and trace elements only, which do not confirm the material to be meteorite origin. Additionally, our website clearly stated we do not certify materials as being meteorites.


I strongly suggest that you have your material tested by meteorite specialists who validate meteorite origin, and not us. It is unlawful to market any material without retaining an meteorite expert to verify your material.

Reed Laboratories is an independent laboratory that does no meteorite verification and the use of our assay reports to make unverified offers of minerals as meteorites, especially to unsophisticated buyers, is an improper use of our reports and must be stopped.

Please take notice that I request that you immediately remove all Reed Laboratory documents from all of your websites permanently.

P. Reed
P. Reed, Assayer


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