Note: Anyone can make a claim that they have found or own an authentic meteorite. It is entirely another matter to offer satisfactory proof of verification or classification from a Meteoritical Society approved institution. The photos below link to suspect meteorites. In the opinion of this author, these auctions may lack either proper verification, credible history or photo, or reasonable supposition to qualify. This does not mean that they are not meteorites, only 'suspect' in the opinion of this author.

Question to eBay seller 'bondo.pau'

eBay Action: 151620612634
25 Pound Meteorite / Stone origin / Chrondite

"We believe this meteorite originated from our solar system's asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter. This meteorite was witnessed in a sky-fall in the Mohave Desert near Landers California in 1978. It wasn't until the Spring of 1983 that I was able to actually locate the precise sky-fall site and recover this meteorite. It has been in my possession ever since 1983 and was stored in a secure climate-controlled atmosphere to preserve it's integrity."

From: magellon
To: bondo.pau
Subject: Details about item: magellon sent a message about 25 Pound Meteorite / Stone origin / Chrondite #151620612634
Sent Date: Mar-16-15 02:45:24 PDT

Dear bondo.pau,

Why do you think this is a meteorite? Do you offer ANY independent verification? If not, why not?

- magellon
From: bondo.pau
To: magellon
Subject: Re: Details about the item: bondo.pau sent a message about 25 Pound Meteorite / Stone origin / Chrondite #151620612634
Sent Date: Mar-16-15 13:13:27 PDT

Dear magellon,

Hi, thanks for asking. I personally uncovered these two meteorites plus several smaller fragments 
after witnessing their "skyfall" in 1978 while visiting up in the high Mojave desert in Landers, CA. I 
wasn't able to attempt locating their exact "skyfall" location until the spring of 1983, when I was able to 
return to the same general location of their surprise "skyfall" that special night back in April 1978.

After recovering them, I've spent several years studying and learning about meteorites. Now if you study 
the pictures carefully, you will see the atmospheric "ablation" that occurred on the frontal (face) surfaces 
of the rocks. As far as challenging me on their authenticity, if you are truly interested in them, we can 
arrange for you to see them/check them out, etc. Presently, I am in contact with two (big city) planetariums 
who are checking them out for purchase, although I already know they are genuine and quite rare in this 
size-range and 'virgin' condition. They are uncut, have not been disturbed and are pure in their 'appearance.'

In fact, it may be that I have underpriced them. Go to a site called "Meteorite Exchange" and there you will 
find that even small meteorite fragments sell for as much as $5 - $10 a gram. You may want to spend some 
time cruising the net to learn more about meteorites. Or, if you consider yourself a professional "meteorite" hunter, 
our pictures tell a convincing story (if you know what to look for) when checking out the real "McCoy."

Hope to hear back from you, thanks again...Paul

- bondo.pau

Dear bondo.pau,

Hi Paul,

You eBay ID says you joined eBay yesterday (3-15-15). Yet you seem very experienced on eBay. Did you have a prior eBay ID? If so, what was it?

I have been looking at suspect meteorites on eBay for many years now. I have seen only 3 or 4 actual meteorites among thousands offered. I don't think these thousands of sellers are dishonest purposefully. Why not? Two reasons: (1) They fail to follow the simple but powerful 'golden rule'. They fail to treat others as they would wish to be treated. (2) They are unaware of their own limitations for meteorite identification, eBay rules and meteorite verification labs.

You did not answer my question as to "why" you have no independent verification. (If not why not?) And I understand that you are convinced but that is 'meteoritic' but that is not 'proof' is it? Look at this from a bidders viewpoint. If you were to bid on a diamond ring on eBay, would you not want verification/appraisal from an independent jeweler first? Why would you not provide independent verification/proof for your bidders for this item? Please answer my question....
(SEE: Google: New England Meteorite Services - I am not associated with this lab)

What would you say if the planetariums you contacted replied that these were not meteorites? How could you argue without independent verification?

- magellon
NO REPLY from Bondo.pau

Do not purchase suspect meteorites or meteorites from China.
Buy from IMCA members and established dealers! Caveat emptor!

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