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verification centers  

Meteorite ID List
of institutions that will examine your "suspect meteorite".

PSU   Excellent Portland State University page. Also, an Interactive ID Tool! (Note: to find out what the samples actually are, you have to go go through all test including completely rotating the item and checking its appearance at each turn.)

WUSTL   The Washington University in St. Louis provides an excellent meteorite reality checklist as well as a Database of Wrongs with 200+ photo gallery of 'Why these rocks are not Meteorites!'

verification centers   Geoff Notkin's series article in SPACE.COM is a most helpful Introduction to Meteorite Identification: Have You Found a Space Rock with great photos of meteorites and 'wrongs'.

  Newly reworked ID site from the University of New Mexico with Jeff Kuyken's great photos.

  The Meteorite Exchange - meteorite identification basics starting with the three types of meteorites.

  Similar Meteorite testing info for those thinking of auctioning their new found rock. Please have it professionally tested before selling it on Ebay.

  FOUND A METEORITE? David Weir always gives sage advice to those who think they have a meteorite. (Testing sites list)

  Have you found an Aussie Meteorite? Jeff Kuyken's checklist applies to meteorites found anywhere - super pictures.

  Meteorite Identification and other questions. The Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Missouri - Columbia.

  Ron Hartman list the steps to authenticate and name a meteorite. A METEORITE BY ANY OTHER NAME

  IMCA's Finding Meteorites has an educational site and lists testing sites (including a SUPER eBay Buyers Guide).

  The Natural History Museum offers pages of helpful insights on Meteorites including identification.

  The BBC and Open University program, Stardate, has posted its promised Become a Meteorite Hunter guide. Also of interest are the results of the 2004 Great British Meteorite Hunt - Was it a Meteorite?.

  NC Museum of Natural Sciences offers basic ID.

  Star BitsTest . How did you do?


Classification and Photo Links

  Classification List - Jeff Kuyken's list represents around 7000 Meteorites. excellent photos

  Meteorite Studies David Weir's METEORITES: A Systematic Classification Through Photographs - Excellent.

  Langheinrich Museum of Meteorites has 250+ excellent photos.

  Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Gallery has excellent photos.

  AEROLITE GALLERY OF METEORITE PHOTOGRAPHY - check out Geoffrey Notkin's great photos.

  What is a Lunar Meteorite? Very Good

Meteorite Legalities Links