* Anyone can make a claim that they have found or own an authentic meteorite. It is entirely another matter to offer satisfactory proof of verification or classification from a Meteoritical Society approved institution. In the opinion of this author, the photos/links of auction items below lack either proper verification, credible history or photo, or reasonable supposition to qualify as meteorites. This does not mean that they are not meteorites, only 'suspect' in the opinion of this author.

For New Meteorite Buyers and Sellers Only

'Thank You Topher!!!!'


Yes the auction title is correct!!! This is an advertised wrong. Why?
To inform novices of the huge China wrong pallasite market. Thank you Topher!

Topher also includes a list of honest meteorite sellers!!!

Current dishonest china pallasite sellers are:


Iron Meteorite 33 grams

See Magnetite.

'ellabear20082014' (UK eBay Seller)

Meteorite Iron Stone Impact Found In Cotswolds UK Magnetic Old 121g

Seller's Description: "Meteorite Found In UK Magnetic Old 121g Condition is "New". Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class."

(Novices: Please read This)


Lunar Meteorite

Seller's Description: "Lunar Meteorite. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class. This is what people think of when they think about meteorites. It's a Classic!! A must have for serious collectors"

What is Internet Auction Fraud?
Internet auction fraud involves schemes attributable to the misrepresentation of a product advertised for sale through an Internet auction site or the non-delivery of products purchased through an Internet auction site. In advance of making a purchase on an Internet auction site, be sure to review the site's fraud prevention tips and additional security alerts. -

What is Mail Fraud? It’s a scheme to get money or something of value from you by offering a product, service, or investment opportunity that does not live up to its claims. Prosecutors must prove the claims were intentionally misrepresented and that the mail was used to carry out the scheme. -


711g Iron meteorite specimen from Mongolia

More iron slag fakes from China!!!
This seller has many bloby fakes.
(Thanks Raymond)



How stupid do the china sellers think we are? "Titanium" meteorites !!!! I guess they had to give some kind of reason for the 'meteorite' being "Non Magnetic"?!! Surprisingly this con has been VERY successful for many China players.
DON'T Bid Chinese auctions! (Thanks Chris)

China seller 'time0998'

Why do they refuse to provide consumers with a certificate of identity?

The correct title for this auction should be "Why does a Dishonest Chinese Seller lie about the Meteoritical Society, I.M.C.A., and independent meteorite labs? Answer : To make you think there are no honest meteorite authorities so he can (1) sell you worthless river rocks as meteorites and/or his "investigation" (book?). (2) And at the same time provide NO third-party (independent) proof because "almost everyone in this industry are lying." (except for this seller - of course)

SEE: eBay Sellers from China


Meteorite Iron Gold 44g UK found and dealer 🇬🇧

Don't quickly believe a seller even if he claims to be "the leading meteorite dealer in the UK" with good feedback. Why does he not classify and/or provide independent verification of his exclusively found stones? There is a reason and it is not to save you money! If you are new, ask an I.M.C.A. member or well established meteorite dealer for his opinion before you buy. Honest dealers will help you be sucessful.


Lunar,moon,..Berccia Anorthorite..Meteorite.

This is an excellent example of why eBay requires sellers to verify their claims.


Unidentified Meteorite Found In Oregon

This is an also an excellent example of why eBay requires sellers to verify their claims. See "ferromanganese"


Rare Aluminium meteorite

You stop laughing when you realize that this Romanian seller has been selling terrestrial items as meteorites since 2014 and has a 100% feedback rating of 394!!!!


ferric meteorite unverified finding

(click to enlarge)

Be careful when faking a 'meteorite' with a cutting torch. The scars may last longer than your prison sentence...


Rare Carbonaceous stone meteorite




(river rock - meteorites do not have green 'swirls'
seller of multiple suspect items)


Meteorite from shingle springs california 298 grams


[Don't fall for this!!!! No proof / NO SALE ;

something similar, and the result]

'mar_giro2005' auction

Unique, Rarity - Gold and Copper Meteorite CAMPO del CIELO 38.8 grams.

"This specimen is certainly a piece very rare rock worthy of belonging to any exigent collection of meteorites . It is a unique opportunity to obtain this specimen quality very hard to see only two pieces of these are found in the Campo del Cielo fall Small magnetic rock It is composed of iron and graphite , gold and copper Definitely a natural jewel of space..."


[SCAM WARNING: The "Gold" and "Copper" have been recently added to the meteorite. SEE: 'Odessa Gold Meteorite' scroll down to 3rd photo. Also see: Baygorria]

'gwopgang2012' auctions

Special meteorite from space -($25K)

"Scientist at the musuem weighed it in at about 2 pounds, 3.4 ounces, & 700 grams. This rock fell inside my grand-mom roof with smoke and steam still behind it after dropping miles away from space. Grand-mom had been holding this special piece in a box NEVER TOUCHED. Coming from the mouth from scientist at the museum they said this is a VERY SPECIAL piece."


'colleen28' auctions



[Note: Never accept a cheap story (even with good FB). If the seller makes a claim, he/she is obligated to back it with PROOF and not just a 'guarantee of authenticity'. Independent verification is easy for a seller to obtain if a U.S. suspect meteorite is authentic.]

Question to Seller

'morgan4752' auction
Unclassified Meteorite

(Novices: Please read This)

Also see my question to this seller

'morgan4752' auction
Suspected. shergottite martian meteorite mars

(Perhaps seller will also offer broken glass as "suspect diamonds"?)
What is it? Note the surface flow features on slag (2)

'webmarketer' auctions
Sierra Shadows Meteorite over 5 ounces


'markswhiting' auctions
Rare 351.4 gm, with Fusion Crust, Meteorite
NOTE: Vugs (also spelled vugh) are small to medium-sized cavities inside rock or metal that may be formed through a variety of processes. Gas cavities may form inside molten metal slag. Meteorites do NOT have Vugs.

'sherry85sherri' auctions
Large Rare 5" Gabbro Lunar Meteorite 2010 PNW Metal flakes in Middle

Question to Seller:

Hi, What actual proof do you offer ?

Seller's Response:
During a magnetic field the moon rock came fron the lunar moon. Thre are gray and silver metallic flakes startedin 2010-to 2011.
(There you have it! Actual Proof!!!!)


'peggys_antiques' auctions
Meteorite Found in Foothills of Los Angeles in 1960's

'limonada' auctions




'junkjungle' auctions
Prervious ID 'bald_billy_bob"
WEst Virginia redneck Meteorite 129 grams

Sorry Cletus, NOT A METEORITE!

'buzzylowe' auction

Carbonaceous Chondrite Meteorite

(NO WEIGHT OR SIZE LISTED - looks very small)

Question to Seller 'buzzylowe':

Why do you think this is a meteorite?
Do you offer any proof?
Have you had the item verified by a meteorite expert?
Why do you think it is a carbonaceous chondrite and not an ordinary rock?
Information requested;
Collecting meteorites as well as conducting countless hours of research to better understand their origin and composition is not a hobby to me but rather a life long and genuine enjoyment my listing on ebay is not meant to mislead anyone. My intentions our only to share some of my personal discoverys with other collectors who like myself enjoy what they do.Cooresponding and collaborating with other collectors who make new discoverys in the lab or out in the field is something i encourage. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/discoverys that you might have to share.
Thank you,.
I am so glad you have a deep interest in meteoritic science and collaboration, etc.
However you did not answer even one of my questions.
Why not? 
Sellers have to determine meteoritic properties of their items.
But buyer must know how the seller arrived at his conclusions when no proof is offered. Also buyers have to determine whether the one selling a 'suspect meteorite' is honest (but possibly misinformed) or if the seller is deliberately fraudulent. 

The later appears to be the case when direct questions are unanswered.
What kind of seller are you?
Again I ask:
Why do you think this is a meteorite? 
Do you offer any proof?
Have you had the item verified by ANY meteorite expert?
Why do you think it is a carbonaceous chondrite and not an ordinary rock?
If you don't have proof or evidence of your convictions, say so.

If you are sincere:
Some people put suspect items on eBay so they can get feedback from more experienced collectors. However, I can think of no quicker way to alienate oneself from the meteorite community than to sell an unverified, suspect item as 'genuine' on eBay. Experts you could have learned from will label you as a 'fraud'. Reputable organizations like I.M.C.A. will NOT accept your application for membership. Even eBay does not allow sellers to sell unverified items as genuine ( see eBay's Authenticity Disclaimers Policy). Think about the possible reasons as to why this is so.


The description is correct!. Here's what i'll do for you today if you want and your o.k with looking at some other meteorites i have i will pay the shipping and handling send them to you and you can determine wether or not there genuine or just rocks. who determines whether or not my specimens are real that would be me I've had far to many years researching these rare wonders from other planets that i will say with confidence my meteorite specimens are indeed real.So please allow me to send a few specimens to you to analize and or test and if your a collector and the specimens i send might be something you dont have please ad them to your collection i'm just another member giving to another member please except this small gesture as pure honest and freindly. Thanks,
"The description is correct!" WHY do you say this??? Perhaps I am not expressing myself well enough. I wanted to know WHY (reasons) the description is correct. How do you tell the difference between fusion crust and desert varnish?

Also what is the size of this? There is no weight or reference object in the photo. 

Thanks for your offer to send me specimens but I would rather focus on what is going to be of more help you. How so? Google 'New England Meteoritical Services". Select "Meteorite Testing". For $15 [correction = $20] you can have 3 samples tested WITH RETURN SHIPPING included. If they are genuine, you WILL have independent verification that you can include on your auctions!!! Does this sound good or is this something you have already tried?
(No Response)

'meteoritesandtreasures4u' auctions
(previous ID 'lilamericanpicker' - see another item from old ID below)


Green river rock!!!!

NOTE: Some sellers catch 'meteorite fever'. This is not physical but mental. Such a person will try to equate meteoritic properties to ordinary rocks. 'Beware' because they have completely convinced themselves with false assumptions.


EXTREMELY RARE meteorite find found in So. CA. Gray & white hard metal in center

Really? Google 'geode'

'edelantik (In english = "noble antique")' auctions

Meteorit ? Meteorid ? Astereorid ? Asteroid? Eisenmeteor? Meteor?

See Magnetite

'myoltoy65' auction

Meteorite 667 G

Question to Seller 'myoltoy65':

You provide no proof or verification that this is a meteorite. Why not?
Why do you claim it is meteoritic?
Are you aware of eBays Authenticity Disclaimers Policy?
It is what it is ! I don't need proof I have lots more I found lots of these in four counties around me while searching for arrow heads but please don't bid on it if you worried about being robbed , I have other folks interested in it but they want it for free but I will keep it if it doesn't sell.
My Thoughts:
At least the "it is what it is " is accurate. A newbie that does not know the difference between desert varnish and fusion crust just might ante up $400 for a very expensive lesson...UPDATE- Someone did purchase this for $400 - WOW!!!!

'cruz-west' auctions

Meteorite 72 grams

Question to Seller 'cruz-west':

Hi, Can you prove that this is a meteorite and not magnetite? Thanks

Not at this second, the the paperwork is coming very soon. an the prices will go up. these are introductory offers, an with my many years experience This is the real thing.. i also have pieces, on the bottom you can see the ground around it melt to the meteor as it hit the ground
When are you expecting the 'paperwork'? Who (specifically) is verifying the rocks? What will you do if the items tested are non-meteoritic?
According to eBay policy it is the sellers responsibility to ensure authenticity BEFORE listing an item...(Authenticity Disclaimers Policy)... Were you aware of this policy?
if ur so worried u check it out, this is a newer site that im not revelin the cordinets to just anyone including you an you jus dont have to worry bout me jus beaware u aint geetin my real meteors .. for that coment..   if you can read i said money back gurantee if sent back in 14 days -

My Thoughts:
Responses at first appear to come from two different individuals but the 'an' (and) is consistent in both replys. Seller does not say when 'paperwork' is expected but he expects a buyer to have it analysed with shipping to and from and then shipped back to him in only '14 days'. He expects much more from the buyer than the total lack of proof of 'real meteors' that 'melt' to the ground that he offers....Beware! he has many of these for sale....

See Magnetite

'bald_billy_bob' auctions

West Virginia Taylor County Meteorite

Do you want to know what this really is?

'ksenia101bb' auctions


'BUY IT NOW' ONLY US $ 2800.00
( Or not )

'mauri22' auctions


[Before bidding on any item you are not absolutely sure of, ask an IMCA member or established meteorite dealer for his opinion. More often than not, the meteorite community is very helpful. ]

'lilamericanpicker' auctions
has changed ID to meteoritesandtreasures4u

HUGE 8# black Meteorite with fusion crust & thumbprints,found in meteorite field

Auction Quote: "This individual has been here for awhile because the fusion crust is wearing off, but there is definitely enough remaining to prove positive that this individual is absolutely an alien from Outer Space. "

Attention Buyers, Ask:

Why is there no proof given?

Why has a $20 lab verification test not been performed?

Note: Seller is a member of a Meteorite Society (spots/tracks meteors) but not The Meteoritical Society.

SEE eBay's Authenticity Disclaimers Policy in next item below!

'skijumping2014' auction

Unclassified Meteorite 185grams

"I feel that fills me with some energy and gives me strength."

eBay's Authenticity Disclaimers Policy

Sellers should make sure that their items are authentic before listing them on eBay. Sellers may not disclaim knowledge of, or responsibility for, the authenticity or legality of the items they offer in their listings. If a seller cannot verify the authenticity of an item, it can‘t be listed on eBay.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

Sellers are not allowed to:
List items that aren't authentic
List items if they're not sure if they are authentic

In addition, sellers can't disclaim authenticity of their item by stating, for example:
"I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this item, so please bid accordingly."

Göran Lindfors (ebay 'SWE2003')

Has been mass spamming individuals for years with fake lunar meteorite email photos

Now he has come to eBay and his auction has been cancelled

But this guy does not give up!
Learn more about the 3600 emails sent to Randy Korotev for his analysis
(Buy only from IMCA members or trusted dealers!)

'sickbits ' auction

Mars Meteorite NWA 4925 Four Pieces Rare Examples



galeriacores (now 'space-mets')


Auction: Oum Dreyga witnessed 2003 Meteorite fall 19.3gr INDIVIDUAL ONDA2
Price US $239.00


Auction: Chelyabinsk RUSSIA 2013 Meteor Event 19.00gr Very Rare Meteorite Specimen
Price US $750.00

More about eBay seller galeriacores/space-mets

(Buy only from IMCA members or trusted dealers!)

(Listed befors ANY meteorites had beeen found)

AUCTION: Russia. 2013 February 15 Chelyabinks. Black sand near the fall of the meteorite.

Ended: Feb 23, 2013 01:25:00 PST Winning bid: US $68.00

AUCTION: Meteorite from Chelyabinks, Russia. 2013
meteor fall. asteroid


AUCTION: Ground near the fall of the meteorite.
Russia. 2013. Chelyabinks. asteroid

Ended: Feb 18, 2013 16:06:52 PST
Price: US $100.00

kunoichi.017 auction


sold for $103.51

kennyceewriter auction


"There is one born every minute"
Winning bid: US $227.50


scrimshaw01 auctions

Rare Australian Victorian Meteorite Found
1924 Bacchus Marsh Hollow Specimen

(Sold for AU $270)

See Concretion

amazingdeal4u auctions

Meteorite: Weight - 4 pounds -Measures: 5"X5"

(Didn't sell)

See Hematite

okaak168 auctions

2.7lb Original Iron Meteorite Specimen China






'adrian332010'&'dbrechbill2012' & 'Steelhorse1994' auctions
and "sorens-stuff"

A Piece of The Moon and Mars

These are FAKES: Beware of 'adrian332010','Steelhorse1994', 'dbrechbill2012' and


NOTE: "American Meteorite Collectors Society" does NOT exist!!!


Caveat Emptor!:
(1) eBay has been flooded with suspect* meteorites from the following Chinese Mineral Dealers (Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.), listed. This is a serious problem for unsuspecting collectors. These shady dealers are consistent in that (a) their stones are suspect*, (b) bidders identities are concealed (so they can't be warned). But, you can help warn your friends about purchasing from these shameless Chinese Mineral Dealers ! Why all the fakes? Perhaps these auctions are continuing indications that China has been aggressively enforcing its meteorite ban the past few years??

(2) Contrary to what you see advertised on eBay, Tektites (terrestrial glass resulting from meteorite impact), Moldavites, Fulgurites ARE NOT Meteorites (natural objects of extraterrestrial origin (meteoroid) that survive passage through the atmosphere and hit the ground) NOR are they lunar material. Moldavite is one of the more faked items on eBay. It has always been green, but the rich 'Bottle' green ('apple' green) moldavite is newly offered and is reportedly manufactured. More Moldavite Info!

(3) Nantan/Nandan is an iron meteorite that is known for is ability to rust away to nothing, a fact that many sellers of this meteorite fail to mention. Nantan is truely a meteorite to stay away from unless you are willing to accept that the overwhelming majority of specimens will fall apart over a very short period of time. Ones that do not rust are probably shale and have NO meteoritic iron left. The huge number of meteorwrongs presented as Nantans is another reason to stay away.more info

(4) Meteoritic Shale/Oxide: Avoid auctions selling oxidized or shale 'meteorites' (Canyon Diablo oxide shale is common). Some sellers may describe the item as shale/oxide and others may not. Meteoritic shale/oxide is no longer a meteorite, it is terrestrially oxidized meteoritic nickel-iron or oxidite. It no longer contains the essential cosmic character of the meteorite. Shale items may be included in the following iron auctions: Canyon Diablo, Nantan, Odessa, Wolfe Creek ... for more info

NOTE: Scammed? Have you have exhausted attempts with the seller, eBay, and Paypal? If 'yes' and your seller shipped via US Postal Service, try this.

Protect Yourself

"Google" the seller's eBay ID and search this site before you bid.
Ask me, any I.M.C.A. member, or trusted dealer before you bid
You need 'basics' to be a sucessful collector.

Search, Ask, Study, Learn
(See 'New Collectors and Sellers Only")

Testing Page

*Anyone can make a claim that they have found or own an authentic meteorite. It is entirely another matter to offer satisfactory proof of verification or classification from a Meteoritical Society approved institution. In the opinion of this author, the auction items above may lack either proper verification, credible history or photo, or reasonable supposition to qualify as meteorites. This does not mean that they are not meteorites, only 'suspect' in the opinion of this author.