Note: Anyone can make a claim that they have found or own an authentic meteorite. It is entirely another matter to offer satisfactory proof of verification or classification from a Meteoritical Society approved institution. The photos below link to suspect meteorites. In the opinion of this author, these auctions may lack either proper verification, credible history or photo, or reasonable supposition to qualify. This does not mean that they are not meteorites, only 'suspect' in the opinion of this author.

Question for eBay seller 'morgan4752'

AUCTION #151588877381
Unclassified Meteorite

Up for sale is an Unclassified Meteorite, tested and containing a high concentration of Nickel. Weighs approx.: 5.50 ounces! Measurements are: 3" x 2 3/8"x 1 3/8" at its tallest point. 
This piece is the most interesting piece I've ever seen!! Both sides have different pictures of 3 dimensional looking sculptured scenery and alien/ human looking people melted into it. Almost looks like somebody carved or molded little rituals right into the rock! It's a trip! Seriously, the pictures are nothing compared to what this meteorite looks like!! On one side there is a glob of melted flow lines and melted pools forming a volcano with lava flow lines flowing down each side like it just erupted, and to me it looks like burning people, melting into or out of the rock, if you look on the lower right hand side in a few of the first few pictures you will see what I am talking about. Both sides have natural built in kick-stands, and on the other side, when you turn it over..amongst all the flow lines, it looks like some sort of cocoon with a hatching larvae or something in it, and there is also a trail of flow lines surrounding a rose or desert flower or something! You have to see it! Wow!! I wonder if it means something!! It really is something amazing! Out of this World!! Cool!! Nobody has anything like this!

To 'morgan4752'
Hi, I have been looking at suspect meteorites on eBay for many years now. I have seen only 3 or 4 actual meteorites among thousands offered. I don't think these thousands of sellers are dishonest purposefully. Why not? Two reasons: (1) They fail to follow the simple but powerful 'golden rule'. They fail to treat others as they would wish to be treated. (2) They are unaware of their own limitations for meteorite identification, eBay rules and meteorite verification labs.

Do you have any INDEPENDENT verification/proof that this is a meteorite and not slag? If not why not? If you were to bid on a diamond ring on eBay, would you not want verification/appraisal from an independent jeweler first? Why would you not provide verification/proof for your bidders for this item?

(Google: New England Meteorite Services - I am not associated with this lab)

Thanks, Ken
- magellon


morgan4752's response:

Thank you for your question, Hopefully my answers will make you feel more compfortable in your decision whether to purchase this item or not. Treating people the way I like to be treated is a value I learned as a child, that I cherish, along with respect and giving people the benefit of the doubt. Used to be people believed that a handshake was as good as their word and sealed the deal with one. Unfortunately, today, in our world it's not like that anymore... The suspect meteorites that I have listed have been tested with a meteorite testing kit that was purchased from an Imca member right here on e bay. test results came back positive for a high nickel content which doen not occur in terrestrial rocks or most slags. These suspected meteorites have passed all the meteorite or wrong tests with out a doubt.. Also, have had a piece of it analized at the local refinery, its chemical analysis results are as follows: Contains mostly iron, with silicates and pyroxines, feldspar, nickel, small traces of gold, copper and pyrrhotite. The specimins do not scratch glass, there is not a streak mark left, sticks to a magnet, very dense and weighs approx. 1/3 to 1/2 more than terrestrial rocks, fusion crust is on most pieces, fingerprimts are on most specimens, chondrites cover most of the rocks, etc.. I have had several geologists look at them, some from the Community College and one Professor at the U of U, all of them stating it looks like a meteorite, Classification is being determined. In response to your comment about bying a diamond, I first research it to learn as much about it as I can, just as I would expect everyone else to do when purchasing a meteorite on e bay. In the future all my listings will contain more specifics, thank you for bringing that to my attention.Along with my 14 day return policy. If you purchase something that does not match my descrition I will refund all of your money, no questions asked. I guarantee it! Have a great day!

- morgan4752

I responded:

Dear morgan4752,

Thanks for your reply. First, I commend you for your efforts but you are making wrong assumptions. Meteorite identification is very specialized. For example, geologists although trained in earth rocks are not trained in meteoritics unless they learn it on their own. Geologist have a real bad track record when identifying meteorites. Real Bad! They are a poor choice for independent verification. Example #2: Basing identification on a nickel kit is VERY problematic. What percentage? Do you know about false positives? Trace or within meteoritic guidelines? How can you tell? Are you aware of how common ni/fe is in man made items ?

You cannot sell suspect items on eBay. According to eBay policy it is the sellers responsibility to ensure authenticity before listing an item: "Sellers should take steps to ENSURE that their items are authentic before listing them on eBay. If a seller cannot VERIFY the authenticity of an item, the seller is NOT permitted to list it." (Authenticity Disclaimers Policy)

In my opinion, your items do not appear to be meteoritic, none of them. The person that wins one will be a novice. When he finds it to be a meteor-wrong, he may leave the hobby convinced that identifying meteorites is too difficult or resale it to another unsuspecting novice. Regardless, you have been noticed and your reputation may be tainted. This is not a threat. I am trying to help you and the hobby and I hope you accept it as such. Please have your items verified by a meteorite expert or don't list them.

Best, - magellon

Feb 16-2015
morgan4752's response:

Thank you again for your concern. So, why did you single me out, or do you just like to mess with certain people? Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe some people enjoy looking at and possibly identifying a meteorite suspect? That it is kind of fun and interesting to look at them, and watch or maybe they might like to buy meteorite suspects so they can test them themselves? Isn't that why you watch the suspect meteorites and have for the last couple of years? Why take the mystery and the fun out of everything. Life would be boring if there was no opposition, or challenge, nothing to compare things to.,. Losen up a little bud, I am not hurting you or anyone else! First off, the word suspect means what? That is why it is listed in that catagory, if it were classified as a meteorite, it would say classified, thats why you have classified and suspect meteorites because that would be wrong and misleadiing, and then e bay would take my listing off. But it is still here and I am going to leave it there for a week and then take it off and list another one. If you think you know everything and can't handle the fact that your not the boss and your opinion is not going to change anything then don't look at the suspected meteorites!! Go to the other pages that say meteorites. And, could also be that there is a chance I know what I am talking about and the susppected meteorites I have are real, I was there, I know where they came from, You can't just discredit me because you think you know what every single meteorite looks like, you don't, and the only way to be certain is to buy one and check it out for sure. Go ahead, try me, if they are not real, you get your money back and I will take them off. Or you can just wait for the lab results to come back, until then...CHEERS

my response:

Dear morgan4752,
I don't want to "mess" with anyone but I will question outrageous claims. Hopefully I can educate if one is humble and not too infected with meteorwrong fever. The cure for the fever is the 'golden rule' mixed with education and professional verification. I don't know if this link will work here but this may explain more:

A good book about meteorites and classifications is "Rocks from Space" by O. Richard Norton

Remember legalities are involved. Sellers with the best intentions may commit fraud. Ignorance and money back offers may not stop an angry buyer from pressing charges if a seller made untrue claims.

I truly hope you find a meteorite/s, however by starting off on the meteorwrong foot no one may believe you if you do.


- magellon

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Do not purchase suspect meteorites or meteorites from China.
Buy from IMCA members and established dealers! Caveat emptor!

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