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[meteorite-list] Fake Moldavites

Michael Farmer meteoriteguy at
Thu Dec 20 14:12:35 EST 2007

Hi everyone, I am finally getting back in order after
the Tokyo show, jet-lag has set me back a day or two.
One thing of note from the show, there is an explosion
of fake Moldavites being made in China now. We saw
several jewelery dealers selling them, incredible
perfect looking large pieces, all would be nearly
impossible to identify except the dealers were stupid
enough to put them all out at the same time.
They were mostly set in wire as pendants, and when put
side by side, you could clearly see them as identical,
made in a mold.
I have found one of the same on ebay right, at a very
high price.
eBay Item 200179801535

Watch out.
Michael Farmer

Thu Dec 20 17:16:45 EST 2007

Yes, these fake Chinese pieces are perfect, with great
color and no flaws. That lack of flaws should be the
first indication of [a lack of] authenticity.
They are melting glass and pouring molds.
Michael Farmer


eBay seller - gaofudev
See - IMCA Suspect Moldavite Page

Sterling K. Webb sterling_k_webb at
Fri Dec 21 03:13:49 EST 2007

The easiest, though not conclusive, test would be
to have a jeweler or gem collector measure the index
of refraction of the suspected Moldavite. The index
of refraction for Moldavites is 1.46 to 1.54; for
man-made glasses, it's 1.52 to 1.55. If every Moldavite
in a selection was over 1.51 or 1.52, I'd be suspicious
of them. The fakers are unlikely to vary the glass density
for every individual fake. If they're all exactly the same,
they're almost certainly fakes. Most jewelers and gem
dealers have refractometers; testing is quick (and cheap).
Sterling K. Webb