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topside of melted surface with numerous gas bubbles   
  backside of source rock for slag (diorite, gabbro or similar)
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'Herman-75' reports:

"...I thought I'd update you on the the Lunar material from the Starchaser Meteorites...aka, Mitch Minor."
"Mitch was kind enough to let me inspect this piece for myself, and to review all his testing and related data for the material.  I received it yesterday, and inspected it last night."
"I returned it today, and informed him that in my opinion the 1.5 gram piece is a cooked earthly rock, or what we call slag.  It has a black melt surface on one side with many obvious gas bubbles(humps) coming off the surface of the black melt.  The rock itself looks like a diabase or diorite.  It has a little bit of magnetite in it...and last but not least, it appeared to have a bit of quartz in it too.  The test results say 12 % quartz.  I also told him that isotope and mineral makeups are going to look a lot like both moon rocks(minus the quartz), and earth rocks.  With all the effort he has put into this, I doubt he is going to give up that quickly.  It does not look like any meteorite I've seen seen...and a lot like a whole bunch of slag I've seen living in this industrial rich area."
"Bottom line from this humble collector...this material is SLAG.   I have no intention of buying it, and anyone who does will probably be following up its' arrival with an immediate return and request of their money back...which he offers in the auction."

"Fraud or high hopes?...not sure..."


closeup of gas bubbles on edge of melted surface
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