[meteorite-list] Visitor from Space?

Gary K. Foote gary at webbers.com
Sun Jan 20 12:25:35 EST 2008


> Was that Gary K. Foote that was close to one of these reports last


> Did that one have perceived indications of splashes, too?

Hi Pete,

It was indeed my wife and I who explored this phenomonon last winter. I have a page online
with pictures - yes there were splash marks. Also, the day before we arrived the hole was
open. It had refrozen by the time we arrived.

There are many comments from listoids I've included in the page, but the telling information I
got was from a hydrologist who explained that, in shallow ponds, an upflow can occur in
specific areas due to inflowing water hitting the proper underwater contours. These upflows
can melt holes and cause outflows that look like splashe marks. These outflows run outward
from the hold along natural cracks in the ice and can appear as long splash marks and even
distant, separate splash marks. The one we investigated showed both types of 'splash'

If anyone wants to read the page I put together at that time and look at the pictures we took it
is here;


The hydrologist's comments are not on that page. I suppose I should paraphrase them and
add them to close out that hunt.


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