Tupelo Meteorite

Tupelo, Mississippi

Tupelo Meteoritemeteorwrong
As with all legends there is a little truth and much fiction. The Tupelo Meteorite is no exception. The 'meteorite' reportedly 'fell' near Nettleton, Mississippi (near Tupelo) in the year 1870. The 1100 lb. stone is displayed outdoors on a pedastal with a plaque on East Main in downtown Tupelo. Elvis cults have attempted to postulate an influential connection between the boy Elvis and the hometown 'meteorite' on display.

In 1980, NASA's Dr. John Harris examined the 'meteorite.' Dr. Harris, a chemist and nuclear physicist, announced that the Tupelo Meteorite was not from outer space but from Earth. "It's a meteor-wrong," said Harris, just a hunk of "concreted sandstone."

The truth of this legend is that meteorites can be large stones. But this stone is no meteorite and the rest of the legend is fiction.

Jan 09- Tupelo Meteorite Stolen -
Reward Offered

WCBI Columbus Thu, 03 Dec 2009 14:57 PM PST
TUPELO -- The 1,100-pound meteorite stolen last year from Leake & Goodlett has been returned to the business on Main Street. The stone was taken off its pedestal by thieves on Nov. 19, 2008 and was delivered by truck to the store today. No one has taken responsibility for the theft.

Please contact me if you have information pertaining to this or other public meteorites or wrongs.